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Metropolitan Detroit Chorale Scholarship Program 1995-2020


The scholarship program of the Metropolitan Detroit Chorale was established in 1995 in remembrance of Richard and Carol Mox and the commitment they made to vocal music programs throughout the metropolitan Detroit community, and particularly in Fraser. Originally named The Richard and Carol Mox Vocal Scholarship Fund, it was expanded in 2015 becoming The Richard and Carol Mox Young Artist Music Competition to include all areas of music. The dedication of Richard and Carol to vocal music performance touched many lives and, through this fund, has continued to enrich the lives of young musicians in all areas of music for 26 years.


The Metropolitan Detroit Chorale, Inc. administered the scholarship fund, which provided financial assistance to students graduating from Fraser High School who were pursuing advanced degrees in music. Originally funded by donations, the Chorale continued to fund the scholarship with 5% of its net revenue.  The program began by awarding one annual scholarship of $500 from the Richard and Carol Mox Vocal Music Scholarship.  The awards increased over time and expanded to two recipients, eventually totaling $11,000 awarded to twenty-six recipients.  In 2015, the scholarship was expanded in scope and renamed The Richard and Carol Mox Young Artist Music Competition Scholarship which opened it to all fields of music studies.  From 2015-2020, 11 more scholarships were awarded totaling $13,250 and an additional $1,750 was given to the Fraser Schools music programs.


These scholarships were part of the Chorale's outreach program, which focused on three aspects of music: education, appreciation, and participation. From 1995 through 2020, 39 scholarships were awarded.

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